Why Buhari Can’t Just Remove Petrol Subsidy – Dogara

Nigeria – According to House of Representatives Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, President Muhammadu Buhari can’t just remove petrol subsidy outrightly because it’s against the law.

yakubu dogaara.jpeg

Dogara explained that the country was still paying subsidy to fuel importers because Section 4 of the first schedule of the Price Control Act (1977) cannot be removed by Presidential fiat or government policy until the empowering section is constitutionally removed by the Price Regulating Board, which is currently not in place.

“As a legislator, I can tell you there is something about subsidy removal that we are not looking at. There is a Price Control Act; if you look at the PCA, section 4 talks about regulating or controlling the prices of products that are listed in the first schedule of that Act.

“One of the products listed in the first schedule is petroleum products, so by law in this country, we must control the price of petroleum products. But the law as passed by Parliament gives a window and prescribing, vesting the responsibility of adding up items on the schedule of the giving items to the Price Regulating Board and I am not sure we have that board in place.

“So, for any discussion then to be meaningful, you have to put pressure on the executive because it is not the legislative work to constitute the board.”

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