South Africa

Thieves used unusual modus operandi

According to News 24 three females and one male alleged to be thieves approached two sisters who were on a shopping spree and  employed an unusual modus operandi when they smeared an unknown brown substance on two women prior to robbing them in Johannesburg central, Gauteng police said on Tuesday.

Two sisters were shopping at the corner of Jeppe and Small streets on Monday afternoon when a man approached them and smeared “a brown substance” on their hands, Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele said in a statement.

“While still confused they were approached by three females and one male; they told them not to touch that substance that has been smeared on their hands; they must buy milk and wash their hands with it.”

The sisters set off to buy milk and were then accosted by the same people, who searched them and stole the women’s purses, containing R2200 in total.

“They screamed for help and the community came to their rescue; suspects fled the scene and one female was apprehended by the police.”

Two women and a man were still wanted in connection with the unusual crime.