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Tru Legal Media (PTY) Ltd was duly registered under the companies’ laws of South Africa with Registration. No. 2013/107262/07, we officially commence business on the 19th Day of March 2013 after the Cape Law Society gave its approval that we may do so since our publisher was in the law business.

We are a limited liability company registered in terms of the company Act and in total compliance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa and broadly represented, and situated at the Cape Town Central Business District which is located at G4 The Square No 50 Buitenkant Street Cape Town. Our online magazine maybe found at www.trulegalmedia.com Tru Legal Media is an on-line magazine that features video interviews and articles on individuals and organization with remarkable stories of how and what their experiences in the world has been. The Aim is to inspire and motivate the ordinary person and the youth, and also to give credit to the individuals for their successes. We want to be a medium that engages people and empowers them at the same time.

Our plan is to be a one stop shop for professionals such as Judges, Magistrates, Jurists retired and serving, Prosecutors, Advocates, Attorneys, Doctors, Captain of industries, Chief Executive Officers, Government and other professionals to write periodicals, articles that can motivates the youth, empower Women and improve relationship across the gender spectrum in our society.

Our focus on social justice is deliberate because the Youths tend to accept whatever that is accessible to them as role model. Showing the Youths what is viable and workable certainly will be more productive in the long run. Take a youth who can see an Advocate, A Doctor or Attorneys or CEO speaks about how he or she attains success that can mean the difference between failing and succeeding.

The society is bound by the power of the wealthy few and by that means the media makes this mirror images to the society as the images of success and every other Youth seeing this will aspire to be such without really knowing that the final product of success that the media and society presents is a mixture of failure, Hard work, disappointment, heartbreak and several other factors combined.

We wish to allow professions the opportunity to write articles on social justices and other facet of the law such as Divorce, Maintenance, Children laws (child act), Marriages and general law matters and not discriminating other careers in our society that is why we welcome all positive stories that can motivate and inspire our society. We are in discussions with various professionals’ organisations whose members have accepted to undertake this voluntary task of giving back to the society by writing and having their materials publish on the site.

Tru Legal Media has a feature called: “Law Review”, which is currently running and the aim is to bring legislative information on social justice such as maintenance Issues, Child care act, marriage Act, Divorce Act, Labour relations Act and any other social legislation information to the people in a simplified manner and also reporting on cases as they happen live from our various legal forums. We believe that one of the best ways to empower an individual or an entity is to educate them on their human rights and legal rights. The “Law Review” is a tool which will inform readers on different kinds of Laws and Acts that affects them and their decision making. Namely; Consumer, Financial, Business, Criminal, Civil and Constitutional aspects of the law and so many others.

Secondary service/educational empowerment of the African Child

Aims and objectives of Tru Legal Media #Education Program

  1. The aims and objectives is to stimulate Reading AND Writing amongst pupils in primary schools, secondary schools all over South Africa, however, the constrains of finance obligations has inform us to begin the programs with selected schools in the Western Cape.


  1. Additional information about the competition

We started advertising on Facebook on the 1st of October 2013 and we are also visible on Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and other social networks where our target is to have over 18, 450.000 hits/day on our website and our URL is: www.trulegalmedia.com

We have a team of qualified and motivated professionals to keep our readers excited and our advertisers absolutely satisfied and fulfilled.

We will be running a competition for children in primary school; Grades 6 and 7 and high school grades 11 and 12.We intend to encourage South African school children to read and write and because we are paying each winning essay or poem/poetry an amount in money and a grand price which will go toward their future education schools fees, we strongly believe that the delinquency amongst the school children will be greatly curtail.

The Department of English (at some of the South African leading Universities has agreed to facilitate the competition; we cannot name it because final approval is pending.) Discussion with the schools that will take part in the first roll out is at an advance stage and we await commitment from our sponsors before formally naming the schools involved. Please feel free to donate towards this cause if you can. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Through our team of experts in various fields Trulegal Media will bring you; news on law reviews, great motivational and inspirational interviews, teen’s articles written by teens, sport news, entertainment and other general news for your pleasure and mental stimulation.



Give us the opportunity to promote your business locally and internationally, www.trulegalmedia.com a company where visible borders are made invincible. We will place your business on our site all day and all night while you go ahead and refine your product and service, for a minimal fee we will release all your specials, discounts and sales to all your clients, potential customers and prospective patrons.

Every day we hear how companies and businesses complain about how it has becomes so difficult to attract fresh customers and /clients to their businesses. This is a negative way of looking at the stages of businesses, whether you are a small business, a large business, a sole proprietor like a doctor, an attorneys/lawyer, an architect, an accountant, a Restaurateur, a Tourists operator, an NGO, etc the purposes of business is making a profit and in doing so one would expect that a company or an organization will always remember the last client / customer.

At Tru Legal Media (Pty) Ltd, we regard existing clients as the taproot and foundation of our core business because our philosophy is that the client who has trusted us to look and advertised for their product should have the benefit of benefiting from our secret to success. These secrets are as follows;

  1. Always remember to send a thank you note to your client during special occasions such as birthdays if you know, Valentine, Marriage anniversaries; holidays such as Christmas holiday, New Year holiday, Moslem holiday, Hindus and so many others.
  2. The clients and Customers that you have already are the same and best referrals for your expected new business.
  3. Tru Legal Media verily beliefs that the way to attract more business is to services the existing clients and customers by not only making them think there are always right but by acting in a way that assure them that they are always right and that their products are valuable and important to you.
  4. The client and customers that you have today is the surest way to stay in business, ignore them at your perils.

For more information contact:

The Marketing Team

Tru Legal Media Pty Ltd

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0214650055 Cell; 0761616733 or alternatively:

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Tru Legal Media PTY Ltd



  • R 3000.00 per month for platinum space with listing on the Tru Legal Media Business Directory for a total of 12 months.
  • Two months discount if paid in advance.
  • R25 500.00 once off payment for monthly or/and weekly updates of products or services
  • Full view i.e. Company cover page, events, weekly newsletter (if you have one) Video interview with a company executive/representative etc. ( R3 500 website design fee if you do not have your own)
  • Free Social Media coverage i.e. Facebook, Tweeter, Google plus
  • Pictures and videos on capturing of any event.
  • 50 free SMS’s to your database.
  • We can also attend and stream your events live at your invitation.

NB: These rates are negotiable


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Our Vision

To utilize digital media,enriching content interviews and campaigns as tools…..

To Entertain

To Empower

To Encourage

To Inform

….about issues that mostly affect woman and children, so that they are socially and economically uplifted.

Mission Statement

Our Values

Trulegalmedia.com is committed to being a platform which protects the Rights of Women and Children within and beyond the borders of South Africa.  We also acknowledge individuals who represent our values and publish their remarkable stories to inspire our readers and the younger generation.  To further empower our communities, we provide Law reviews and legal reporting on matters and legislation that affect people’s everyday lives.

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Economic Development

Our Readers

Tru Legal Media magazine is a magazine for all kinds of women and men from all walks of life who desire to be Informed, Empowered, Encouraged and Entertained. This includes Individuals who want to enjoy the fruits of their labour and in the process, inspire the younger generation. We also cater for the Young with articles by the Young and inter-schools writing competitions.


Tru Legal Media Magazine is a free on-line publication and is available 24/7 all year round. This makes it available to our readers and visitors anytime and anywhere in the world.

Tru Legal Media (PTY) Limited

Registered Headquarters and Principal Place of business

G 4 The Square No. 50 Buitenkant Street

Cape Town South Africa

Office; +27 21 4650055

Fax: +27 21 4650055

Cell: +27 761616733

For news and advertisement email to, news@trulegalmedia.com, marketing@trulegalmedia.com

All other enquires,

Ebi A O Ebi

Colin Geoffreys Incorporated Attorneys

E 11 Century Square Century City

Office, +27 21 5516138

Fax +27 21 5516191

Email ebi@trulegalmedia.com ebiattorneys@yahoo.com, ebi@law.co.za

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