South Africa

Provide evidence says Cape Town Mayor

City of Cape Mayor Patricia de Lille called on Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa to provide evidence to back up claims of racism in the province.

“On Wednesday the 18th of March, you made several statements about alleged racist incidents in Cape Town in Parliament. The City leadership takes these allegations very seriously. Indeed, yesterday I launched the Inclusive City campaign to address precisely these issues of racist incidents occurring.

As you know, racism is a national and a global problem. The City of Cape Town is taking the lead in South Africa in addressing these difficult issues of race. Over the next few weeks, I will be engaging industry bodies to find ways in which we can prevent these incidents from occurring,” says the Mayor.

According to Eye Witness News on the day in question while Ramaphosa was responding to questions in the National Parliament called on politicians to take the initiative to rid the country of the cancer of racism and xenophobia.

“If there is a restaurant that is known in the Western Cape, as there are many here, where black people are not well treated, it should be the leadership of the Western Cape that goes there and says ‘this is not allowed’ and they should not be allowed in South Africa,” says the deputy president in the report.

Such has pushed the De Lille to request evidence from Ramaphosa.

“I call on you to send me the evidence to back up your claims made in Parliament. I will use that evidence in my engagements and take direct action.

It is up to our country’s leaders to provide direction on these matters. I take your allegations seriously and ask you to join me in tackling these issues head on.”