South Africa

N3 highway attackers were shameless

Evangeline a witness in the fatal shooting of two police officers on the N3 highway in Johannesburg on Sunday, described how the suspects brazenly walked up to the police car and began raining down bullets, News 24 reports.

Evangeline, who refused to give her surname, told News24 how she was driving on the highway with her husband and 17-year-old daughter when the shoot-out began.

“We were about two car lengths behind the [cars] when about three to four guys began walking towards the police car and began shooting. They had big rifles – R1s or M5s,” said Evangeline.

“These guys had no fear – they walked towards the police vehicle shooting with heavy guns.

“It was hectic there were no vehicles in front of us, the bullets started raining down as we approached the vehicles.

“My husband braked and put hazards on and tried to reverse.”

She said they managed to get cover next to a minibus taxi.

The body of one officer lay slumped in the back seat of the police car after he was shot in the head while the two other officers lay seriously injured on the ground next to the car. One of the injured officers later died in hospital. The third is in a stable condition in hospital.

One of the suspects is in a critical condition after he was also shot.

Evangeline said the suspects sped off on the Modderfontein exit in a red or maroon colour car that might have been an older model BMW.

She said her husband walked towards where the injured officers lay and checked their condition. He kicked away the gun of the injured suspect.

More police officers arrived on the scene within minutes of the shooting.

No arrests have not yet been made, Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Noxolo Kweza.