Freshlyground’s new music video paints a beautiful portrait of South Africa and her people [video]

Reported by Katy Scott
From TheSouthAfrica.com

Freshlyground has just released a new music video to accompany the worldwide release of their new single “Don’t Leave Me” featuring authentic and beautiful South African faces.
“We hope you will see yourself in these images which capture fragments of life from our varied SA landscape,” the band said on their Facebook page.


The response to the video has been overwhelming.
“Love this song guys and the music video!! Makes me miss my fellow South Africans whilst living overseas,” commented Cameron Webber on Freshlyground’s YouTube page.


“Another reason why I love South Africa. It is so rich in diversity and yet its people remain authentic,” commented Joan Laine.
Colette Baker commented on their Facebook page saying, “On a cold Canadian day this has warmed my heart and tugged at my heartstrings… Made me miss my home country”.


“Watching the video did spark some tears and made me miss the beautiful people of SA,” said Brenda Haise.


Katherine Glenday particularly enjoyed the “slowly passing thoughts in all those gentle faces”.


“Fantastic depiction of South Africa, done in such a creative manner. Beautiful people, facing daily challenges. Can it be both sad and heartwarming?” Asked Anton de Wet.

Freshlyground are heading on tour to North America later this month.

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