South Africa

Fire Arms Summit: fire arms control suggested measures

South Africa has the highest rate of firearms violence in the region and the challenge is how to reduce it. This was according to the research carried out by Mr G Lamb, Director of the South African Violence initiative.
He echoed these sentiments at the two day firearms summit under way in Cape Town at the National Parliament.

Ways of reducing firearms related crimes

Age restriction; according to his research most countries prohibit the acquisition of guns by young people and minors. International it is a norm of not permitting ownership of a firearm until a person is 18 years of age. South Africa is an exception. It does not permit gun ownership until person is 21 years old.
This according to Lamb still needs adjustment. Age limit should be 25 following examples of Brazil and Uganda.

. Renewals ; under the Arms and Ammunition Act 1969 once one is with a licence to possess a firearm it then was for ever.
Mr Lamb was of the suggestion that there should be time frames and renewals of the licences whereby firearm holder is tested to qualify to have a gun.

. Firearm Free Zones : Section 140 of the Firearms Control Act gives Minister of Police powe to declare any premises or catergory of premises as a Firearm Free Zone.

Using the same act Mr lamb was of the idea such system could be implemented in South Africa

It also emerged that firearms used in South Africa are also used in the region hence the call to take measures in controlling issuing of firearms.