E Cape partnership seeks to rebuild family structures

The Eastern Cape government, the National Heritage Council and the Council of Churches have forged a partnership to restore family values.

The Social Development and education departments launched the family based model in Ngcobo in the Eastern Cape.

The launch is part of the provincial government’s efforts to reduce teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, fight gender-based violence and raise public awareness about rape and crime.

Speakers urged Africans to invoke values of Ubuntu and promote social cohesion.

“We need to invoke our own adored practices of ubuntu to build the nation , more especially at a time where there is erosion of African families because colonialism had a very dangerous impact. We need to reintroduce the role of a family because a family is the important corner stone of the nation,” says the CEO of the National Heritage Council, Sonwabile Mangcotywa.

The education department says there is a need to rebuild family structures.

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