After a stinging loss in his home state, Marco Rubio just made this major annoucement

Speaking from his home state of Florida following a stunning loss to GOP front-runner Donald Trump, Marco Rubio announced that he is ending his presidential campaign.

In his Miami speech, Rubio congratulated Trump on his win and told supporters “There’s nothing more you could have done.”

Rubio spoke about the struggle of his immigrant parents, and addressed the need for unity in a fractured and angry Republican Party.

“I still remain hopeful and optimistic about America,” Rubio said, adding “it’s not god’s plan that I become president in 2016, or ever.”

Despite a pro-Trump protester chanting at the concession speech, to which Rubio said “don’t worry, you won’t get beat up at our event,” Rubio was deferential to Trump, saying he won the state and deserves to be congratulated.

“We are hopeful people,” Rubio told the audience. Rubio criticized elites who he said enjoyed “looking down on those who live outside the District of Columbia.”

Rubio’s announcement leaves only Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the running for the Republican presidential nomination.