AbaThembu appoints Azenathi Zanelizwe as King

The AbaThembu Royal family and traditional leaders have endorsed Prince Azenathi Zanelizwe as the regent king of the AbaThembu nation.

This comes after the Supreme Court Appeal turned down King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo’s appeal against his 15 year conviction for crimes committed between 1995 and 1996.

He successfully appealed the culpable homicide charge reducing his jail sentenced to 12 years.

The crimes committed include arson, assault, kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice.

King Dalindyebo says Zanelizwe should be a regent king of the Thembu nation.

“When it comes to succession he is the right person, but when it comes to the primogenital succession he does not yet seem to be the heir,” says Dalindyebo.

King Dalindyebo says it will never be right that he is sent to jail and does not deserve to be behind bars.

“I am not ready to serve the sentence as the king, I am not ready to go to jail, but because of these modern judges they always impose their judgment without looking at all legal aspects because their intention is to advance the most humiliating corner stone, not necessary the most punishing corner stone,” says Dalindyebo.

Legal expert, Brenda Wardle, believes that this is a sensitive matter as the AbaThembu nation are divided.

“It’s very sensitive in the sense that there are people who are pro-the AbaThembu King and feel that he should not be embarrassed in this way and there are also AbaThembu who are saying look nobody is above the law. If Louis Luyt could pull former president Nelson Mandela to court  nothing  basically stops King Dalindyebo for paying for the transgression that he has been found guilty on,” says Wardle.

The king was in a jovial mood and warned his son Azenathi not to align himself with politics

Speaking on behalf of traditional leaders Chief Phathekile Holomisa says they have no problem with the proposal of the AmaDlomo family to appoint Azenathi as the regent king but a proper customary system should be followed.

“We want the dust to settle first over the matter of criminal charges against the king before we make up our minds as the nation as to what should be done in the event that the king is no longer available to discharge his responsibilities. So the proposal that Azenathi will be regent will be finally determined by this matter of the king’s trails but of course we cannot be unhappy as the traditional leaders of the traditional kingdom as well as the Thembu. When the son of the king seem to be preferred to take over the regent when the king is not in a position to perform his duty,” says Holomisa.

The king was in a jovial mood and warned his son Azenathi not to align himself with politics. He says if he is the sinner, only God has a right to judge him.

“BaThembu!!! I am the sinner before the eyes of Jehovah, I am the sinner before you, I can admit and obey if I am being judged by you the AbaThembus. I can admit if I am judged by Jehovah, but I cannot as a man of my calibre allow any boy to just come judge me,” says Dalindyebo.

The Anti-king faction still believes that the endorsement of prince Azenathi as the regent king is illegitimate in terms of indigenous principles of AbaThembu.

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