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  • Pool Maintenance Contracts
  • Fitting of swimming pool pumps
  • Fitting of swimming pool filters
  • Fitting Salt Water Chlorinators
  • Swimming Pool Leak detecting and repairs
  • Replacement of Pool Filter Sand
  • Swimming Pool Pump Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Filter Repairs
  • Salt Chlorinator Repairs
  • Fibreglass lining


Pool Pumps

  • Quality Swimming Pool Pumps
  • Speck Swimming Pool Pumps

Sand Filters

  • Quality Swimming Pool Sand Filters
  • Speck Swimming Pool Sand Filters

Swimming Pool Chemicals

  • BioGuards Pool Chemicals
  • WaterWell Pool Chemicals
  • H.T.H Pool Chemicals
  • Africhem Pool Chemicals

Salt Chlorinators

  • Zodiac Clearwater Salt Chlorinators
  • Just Chlor Salt Chlorinators

Swimming Pool Heating

  • Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
  • Solar Panels