Your Pay Cut Has Not Impact on The Nigerian Economy -NLC Blasts President Buhari,Osinbajo

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Tuesday said that the voluntary salary cut undertaken by President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, would not in any way improve the economy of Nigeria.


Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, NLC Secretary-General, Peter Eson-Ozo, said, ”For some individuals to voluntarily decide to cut their salaries, I think it is cosmetic and I believe we should be more systematic than that. I think, to begin with, the law, the constitution, prescribes how public office salaries are fixed; if any public officer chooses to reduce his salary, he can donate it to charity or donate it to whomever.”

”Any person or the president or any other public officer who then arbitrarily gets up and cuts salary when the law does not put the fixing of that salary in his power, creates a legal problem. I think that we need to address things in a systematic way”.

Mr. Eson-Ozo said it was imperative for the government to focus deeper on ways to reign in the cost of governance rather than the cosmetic announcement of slash in salaries by some public officers. According to him, the process of fixing salary is an institutionalised one and not up to any individual to do.

”These are issues we need to take on board in order for us to have a robust type of approach to the system,” Mr. Eson-Ozo said.

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