South Africa

You reintroduced dompas: Zille

Dompas system in Worcester, Western Cape was reintroduced by ANC says Premier Helen Zille News 24 reports.

Zille’s revelation comes as the ANC marches through Worcester against the system. ANC supporters held up posters saying “stop racism” and “I hate racism”.

Responding to a question in the provincial legislature from ANC MPL Pholisa Makeleni, a smiling Zille, armed with a file of papers, said the system was a police initiative and wasn’t connected to the Democratic Alliance, which is in charge of the Western Cape.

She also said the system was first reintroduced by the ANC in Gauteng, reported Netwerk24.

The issue first made headlines earlier in March when it emerged that the Worcester SAPS and Community Policing Forum (CPF) introduced the cards bearing the photographs and personal details of the workers back in 2012 after a proposal by the neighbourhood watches of certain suburbs.

The cards have to be carried when workers, including gardeners and builders, enter affluent parts of the town. Workers who do not carry the cards are reportedly treated with suspicion by the CPF, Netwerk24 wrote.

Reintroduction of apartheid system – ANC

The ANC said in a statement after the news broke that the DA-run Breede Valley Municipality is “reintroducing the dompas system…. apartheid South Africa’s most demeaning instrument of racial segregation, sought to ensure that the movement of black people was limited and that certain areas were to be protected as the sole reserves of white South Africans”.

The explanation that it was for security is a reincarnation of the ‘swart gevaar’, the ANC said.

“It is obvious that it is only black men looking for jobs who must carry the card and nobody else in the neighbourhood – sending a clear message that blacks are dangerous and not to be trusted unless vetted by the white man.

“When it comes to the DA and the protection of white privilege, the more things change they more they stay the same. Despite their loud denials, proof is presented that where the DA governs every effort will be made to return us to apartheid.”

But Zille told the legislature that politicians, unions, farmworkers and the ANC agreed on the system as a safety measure in Gauteng, even endorsing a pass book for formal workers with MEC Sikazele Nkosi-Malobane leading the plan.

Zille added that the only person who objected to the move was the DA’s spokesperson who issued a statement to that effect.