Sundays alcohol ban to negatively affect economy: ARA


The organisation representing South African alcohol beverage manufacturers, distributors and some retail chains, the Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA) says it will not support the banning of alcohol trading on Sundays because it could negatively affect the economy. negatively

This is as one of the proposals included in the National Liquor Policy.

Spokesperson of the organisation Michael Mabasa says regulation and legislation should be looked at carefully so that it does not bear unintended consequences.

Speaking in an interview on Morning Live Mabasa says the tourism and hospitality industry would be negatively affected should the sale of alcohol be banned on Sundays.

He however highlighted that the organisation welcomes government’s measures in curbing alcohol abuse.

The new alcohol laws could make tavern owners liable for drunken behaviour. The beer manufacturer, distributor and owner of the tavern could all bear responsibility for any harm and damage caused by drunk driver.

Mabasa says government should also prioritise the eradication of unlicensed liquor outlets.

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