South Africa

Pre-sentencing proceedings for Jasmin Pretorius’s killer begins

Pre-sentencing proceedings will start on Tuesday in the case of the man who raped and strangled his four-year-old niece, Jasmin Pretorius, in December 2013.

Twenty four-year-old Sarel du Toit pleaded guilty to the crimes when he appeared in the High Court in Pretoria on Monday.

Jasmin was spending the weekend with her father, but he wasn’t home when the man attacked her. The child’s body was found 12 hours after she was killed in Du Toit’s Brakpan flat.

In his plea explanation, Du Toit told the court he had been drinking the evening of the attack. When he came home he fetched the sleeping Jasmin and took her to his room where he raped the sleeping child. He strangled her when she woke up. He told the court it was on the spur of the moment and that he has no idea why he did it.

Du Toit stuffed Jasmin’s body under his bed and helped her parents, the police and the community search for her for half a day before revealing the location of the body.

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