Molefe’s ambitious winter plan for load shedding – As it happened

South African power utility Eskom has trebled the amount of winter maintenance it is doing this year to prevent generating units from breaking down and putting greater strain on the grid, its acting chief executive said on Wednesday. Brian Molefe told a news conference Eskom would have 5 500 MW of capacity down for maintenance during the winter months, out of total installed capacity of around 43 000 MW. – Reuters.


Molefe said earlier: While there is expected to be sufficient power supply to meet demand for most part of the day, in winter the load increase could be up to 36 000MW particularly over the short sharp evening peak between 17:30 and 18:30. The increase is predominantly due to the use of electric heaters, geysers and cooking that takes place during this time.


Energy regulator Nersa should reject Eskom’s request for a further electricity tariff increase because it is grossly unfair to the poor, say SA’s Catholic bishops.

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