Mark: Appeal Court Ruling Nullifying My Election was Bizarre

Immediate past Senate President, Senator David Mark, has said he has put the nullification of his election by the appeal court behind him even as he described the action of the court as bizarre.
Mark spoke at the Och’Idoma palace at Otukpo, Benue State, yesterday after  a huge crowd welcome him into Otukpo.
He enjoined the people to remain peaceful but warned those who are bent on manipulating the politics of Benue south senatorial district to desist from it, saying that  the Idomas are too advanced for anybody to think he can control the Idoma people the way he wants.
He said: “It is left for us to pick our leader not outsiders, no matter who the person is. Any outsider who thinks he can do that is deceiving himself.
He said the decision of the court however good or bad has been accepted since it could not be tried in another court.
He said he had always visited the royal father for his blessings in previous elections, stressing, “That is why I’ve come to talk to all party men and Agaba-Idu, the Och’Idoma. I had to appeal to security men to free me to enable reach this palace late,” Mark said.
Responding, the Och’Idoma, Agaba-Idu Elias Ekoyi Obekpa said he is apolitical and cannot stop anybody from contesting election into a political office but appealed to the people to vote for the person that they know is capable of representing them.
“I will not tell anybody not to contest but the people know who is capable of fighting for their interest. Since they know those that are contesting, they know who is strong and capable of fighting for their welfare,” the Och’Idoma said.
Meanwhile, the people of the senatorial district  have spoke with one voice, reaffirming their resolve to vote for  Mark again.
Thousands of citizens from that zone came out in large numbers to welcome Mark who was coming home for the first time after the election appeal tribunal nullified his election and ordered for a rerun.
Like a triumphant entry into the ancient town of Otukpo, Mark navigated through the huge crowd into the Och Idoma palace to brief him on the development.
Mark told his monarch that the appeal tribunal has cancelled his election and called for rerun a development he has no choice but to accept in good faith.
He however cautioned against a situation where outsiders decide the destiny of Idoma people saying” We must decide for ourselves what we want not what outsiders want us to be . That we must resist”.
Responding,  the Och Idoma  Dr. Ikoyi Elias Obekpa, assured that no amount of litigation or conspiracy can overturn the resolve of the people.
He stated that Mark has  done the Idoma nation proud and I believe he would do more.
The monarch called for calm and peaceful coexistence saying that when the time comes the Idoma people know who they would vote for and who would adequately represents them.
He said the people cannot afford to toil with their future and destiny, saying we  know our best hand.  We know what we want.  Only the Idoma people would decide not external influence or interference.
The state chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Dr. Emmanuel Agbo and former minister of Interior Abba Moro urged the Idoma people not to cave in to external influence against the interest of Idoma nation.

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