Heavy police presence in Daveyton

As learners return to school on Monday in Etwatwa and Daveyton, in the east of Johannesburg, there is a heavy police presence in the area.

This in an effort to ensure smooth operations following recent gang-related violence in the area.

There have been allegations of a gang terrorising community members in the area recently.

Ekurhuleni Member of the Mayoral Committee, Councillor Aubrey Nxumalo says they are trying to stabilise the situation.

“We have councillors, we have officials from Ekhuruleni, we have the religious leaders, the pastors, we have metro police, and we have SAPS. We are all going to the eight schools in Etwatwa and the seven schools in Daveyton, to talk to students to say please stay in the classroom. Rest assured that we have organised safety in terms of patrols around the schools, the metro police are going to be doing that,” says Nxumalo.

Nxumalo says no opportunity should be lost as matric’s only having 10 days left before they write their exams.

“There’s a lot of engagement that has been taking place since the past four weeks when this gangs related violence started and all those things.

“We’ve engaged directly with the gangsters, we’ve engaged directly with the parents and we’re engaging with the pastors. There was a prayer session the whole of last week. We’ve engaged with school principals. We’ve met with the school governing body members who are with us this morning to go to the schools,” he says.

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