South Africa

Gauteng EFF chairperson and deputy resign

  • News 24 reports on Wednesday that the chairperson of the EFF in Gauteng, along with the deputy secretary of the province, has announced their resignations from the party.

    Speaking to City Press on Wednesday, former chairperson Zorro Boshielo said that he is no longer a member of the EFF.

    According to the report when asked whether or not he was aligning himself with the four rebel MPs, Mpho Ramakatsa, Lucky Twala, Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala and Andile Mngxitama and their “save the soul of the EFF” campaign, Boshielo said: “the truth is that there is no soul to save in the EFF”.

    “I am not on the side of those who want to save the soul of the EFF nor can I align myself with the party.

    “The atmosphere in the party is not conducive to revolutionary practice. I don’t trust what is happening in the party and so I cannot represent it,” he added.

    Deputy secretary Kim Heller was not willing to share why she left the party but did confirm her resignation.

    “I don’t want to go into the reasons at this time, but I think you can expect a lot more resignations from our PCP,” she said.

    Boshielo said that he had joined the party because he saw an opportunity to be a part of a leftist party and instead the organisation has become a celebrity party.

    “We are a parliamentary party which the public looks to for a show. This is not the reality for those of us who are on the ground with real issues. I belong to the ground and that is why I feel I can no longer be a part of the party.”

    Boshielo also said that for the sake of his love for the party he thought that this was the best time to leave it and hand over to the leadership who can decide for themselves what the best way forward is.

    He also described a party that is riddled with in-fighting which made it difficult for him and other fighters to go about their duties.

    “It feels good not to be an EFF member.”

    Party spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi was not available for comment.