Bangladesh to set up courts to try human traffickers

Bangladesh is moving to set up seven special courts across the country to try people smugglers charged with trafficking desperate migrants to Southeast Asia on rickety boats, a minister said on Thursday.

According to Dhaka from News 24, Law and justice minister Anisul Huq said a court would be established in each of the country’s provinces following a recent spike in trafficking of Bangladeshis and Rohingya from neighbouring Myanmar.

“There will be seven tribunals to try traffickers,” Huq told AFP by phone, without giving a timeline for them to start operating.

The move comes after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday slammed the country’s economic migrants, calling them “mentally sick” for fleeing in search of jobs, and accusing them of hurting the country’s image.

Hasina called on authorities to halt the flow of migrants and take action against human traffickers.

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