Airforce, Armscor refute presidential aircraft cost claims

The chief of the South African Air-force Zimpande Msimang says they are in the process to acquire new aircrafts that will be used by both the presidency and cabinet ministers.

This come after weekend reports that Armaments Corporation of South Africa  (Armscor) the department’s procurement agency, was planning to buy the President a new plane that could cost as much as R4 billion. Both Msimang and the the CEO of Amscor, Kevin Wakeford refuted the claims that the new presidential aircraft will cost R4 billion  as alleged by the media.

Wakeford adds that they have started with the request for information process to test the market and affordability of the planes that they want to buy or acquire

He says he can’t give out the budget now because if that is done, it is going to influence negatively with the process of Request For Information which is already underway. The Air-force is planning to conclude the process of purchasing or acquiring new fleet for VVIP next year march

The air force says it has the responsibility to provide safe inter-continental flights to government officials.

The reports that the aircraft may cost R4 billion have sparked robust public debate. Msimang has stressed that the current fleet is not sustainable saying, “The South African air force has a need to increase their current capability to provide intercontinental air transportation to members of the South African government the current fleet of the VVIP aircraft cannot sustain the current air transport requirement as tasked.”

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