2 million foreign tourists arrive to Cuba

On July 10, the number of international visitors to Cuba reached two million, 39 days earlier than the same figure achieved in 2014: an important and pleasing result for employees and collaborators of the Cuban tourism industry, in addition to the Cuban people.

With a total growth rate of 16% thus far, the first six months of the year have been marked by encouraging trends seen in tourist arrivals from Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, the U.S. and Argentina.

These results demonstrate Cuba’s appeal as a peaceful, healthy and safe destination, as well as recognition of the country at an international level.

These results are a demonstration of Cuba’s appeal as a peaceful, healthy and safe destination. Photo: Archivo

The Ministry of Tourism, together with other sector entities, continue to prioritize the diversification of the island’s tourist product; investments to update and increase capacities; as well as raising the quality of offers. This, in addition to the hospitality of the Cuban people, creates a comfortable and enjoyable scenario for visitors.

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